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God save the (eventual) queen!

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30th April 2009

famelessbeing5:45pm: That´s the most beautiful pic I´ve ever seen of her

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11th August 2008

mrsdelahunty12:45pm: Bad Hair Day

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23rd April 2008

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26th September 2007

mrsdelahunty4:47pm: Wax Camilla

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1st September 2007

minerva_864:23pm: i just cant let it it go! haha
so i didnt have time to check if this looks okay...or to crop it, so sorry, but i thought the stats on what the public think of the royal family at the moment were interesting.
also didnt realise that camilla might have pulled out due to accusations thatcharles had too much influence in the organisation..

anyway, i thought it was interesting!

from The Age todayCollapse )
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mrsdelahunty12:07am: Well,since this is Di´s anniversary today I thought I make a wallpaper of the

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28th August 2007

minerva_864:17pm: iconage
made 2:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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minerva_863:14pm: i have gone a bit camilla-mad!
have been a-youtubing...disappointingly sparse on positive camilla clips, but i got a couple of nice ones.

Read more...Collapse )

oddly enough - i only heard camilla speak once ever...last night! i'm completely in love with her voice now though...*fangirl sigh*

i need some icons!
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17th July 2007


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13th June 2007

mrsdelahunty6:20pm: Was about time :D

Camilla to join royal wax family

London - The second wife of Britain's Prince Charles, the former Camilla Parker Bowles, is finally to be given her place amidst members of the royal family at Madame Tussaud's waxwork museum in London, the museum said on Tuesday. 

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who will turn 60 next month, will be cast in wax next to Prince Charles, 58, and his two sons from his previous marriage to Princess Diana, princes William and Harry.

Camilla, who wed the heir to the British throne in 2005, had been his friend and lover for up to 30 years, and throughout his marriage with Diana, which collapsed in 1995.

Madame Tussaud's said the waxwork of the Duchess should be ready later this year.

Diana's waxwork will be apart from that of the Duchess

"We're delighted that the Duchess has agreed to this sitting as her figure has been requested by many of our visitors. She will be with William and Harry and the Prince. It's nice to complete this branch of the royal family as it is today," said Ben Lovett of Madame Tussaud's.

"We look a lot at who is capturing the public's imagination and Camilla has had a huge amount of interest internationally and in Britain."

The current waxwork of Diana, Princess of Wales, will be apart from that of the Duchess.

"Diana will still be in the new royal zone but she will be a little bit away from Prince William, Harry, Camilla and Charles," Lovett explained.

Other members of the royal family in the refurbished zone include Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

"We believe the Duchess of Cornwall is really pleased to be coming in to sit for us," he added.- dpa 

Hope there aren´t any idiots who demolate her :/

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21st April 2007

mrsdelahunty12:57pm: Since this is Elizabeth´s birthday today,I decided to open a community for her cos there is none :0


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20th April 2007

mrsdelahunty5:30pm: And they are snogging *squee*

Feel free to use it :)
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13th April 2007

mrsdelahunty4:50pm: Rupert as Camilla

I think they could be identical twins when the teeth are in *lol*
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12th April 2007

mrsdelahunty4:58pm: Rupert Everett Role Inspired By Camilla.

from femalefirst.co.uk

"We start the take, and there's the fly again. It's an atomic fly - the chemicals don't bother it!" Rupert Everett Role Inspired By Camilla.... Actor Rupert Everett's new role as a female headmistress was inspired by British royal Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall.

The My Best Friend'S Wedding star, who plays posh headmistress Camilla FRITTON in forthcoming movie St Trinian, based the character on Prince Charles' wife, formerly named Camilla PARKER-Bowles.

He says, "I really enjoy dressing up like this, I call it my 'Parker-Bowles' look."

The actor also stars as the headteacher's brother Carnaby in the remake of the classic 1950s slapstick movie.

The film, which follows the shenanigans of posh girls school St Trinian's, is released early next year (08).

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9th April 2007


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6th April 2007

caviling2:21pm: Did anyone ever find out if there was a DVD/video release of the wedding?

Also, It's time to shake up my userpics; they're getting stale. Anyone wanna make me a Camilla icon?

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mrsdelahunty4:56pm: Newbie
Hi everybody,

I just found this LJ.Wanted to open a Camilla community today *lol*,can´t believe that haven´t found it earlier(probably looking for the wrong interests*blush*  ) cos I love Camilla since...since Charles and Di split up I guess and their affair became public.

Here are some of my favorite pics
Starting with the most most beautiful bride which I´ve ever seen ;)

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31st July 2006

minerva_8610:24am: ponderance
i was thinking this morning on the way to school (no, i dont have anything more important to be thinking about!) that perhaps camilla is so appealing because as much as we might love and respect diana - and i cant speak for others, but i cretainly do ♥ di - we never really held it against camilla that she was charles' mistress. i think this was because when all is said and done, camilla did come first and she was always charles' 'true love'. i think in a way we admire her staying power even in the face of such a loved beauty as di. and now the fact that she is fairly well accepted gives me hope that the world really just respects love, however it occurs.

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1st July 2005

caviling11:11pm: Treasure:
Look what I got!Collapse )
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22nd May 2005

caviling2:07pm: I love Camilla's new hairdo--I can't seem to find a picture of it, though.

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